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Please review the short video (BELOW) on the pros of the 2nd Gen Chalker Sling for Patrol and plain clothes purposes as well as long terms security details. Other very important details of this system is that you can attach it to any current adapter you have on your M-4 for your single point sling. The other pro is the nylon standoff that come with the sling allow you to attach multiple standoffs to different weapon systems such as the 870 shotgun or the Penn Arms multi launcher and even shields for that matter. Now you do not have to put a sling on ever weapon. You can buy one sling (THe Chalker Sling - 2nd Generation) that you adjust so it fits you perfectly with the capability to sling any weapon in your arsenal by attaching the inexpensive standoffs.




2nd Generation - Chalker Sling - MSRP: $99.00

  • The Chalker Sling - 2nd Generation is the lastest sling design by Command Master Chief Dennis the "SNAKE" Chalker (Command Master Chief; US Navy Seal retired)


  • The Chalker Sling can be used a variety of weapons, such as Sub Machine Guns (SMG), rifles, carbines, shotguns, or shoulder mounted weapon, including 37mm and 40mm gas guns.

  • The Chalker Sling allows for rapid switching of weapons and reacquisition of your weapon when you come off of a rope/ladder.

  • The snap shackle allows the user to rapidly attach or release (by pulling red strap) a slung weapon.

  • The Chalker Sling allows the user to move the slung weapon across the body (left or right) without bringing it across the head/face, which may result in losing target acquisition/visibility.

  • There are no straps that cross your shoulders that may lead to contact with facial gear.

As in true JTC fashion the Sling will be Made in the USA.



Chalker Sling Standoff Instructions



     "I have one of the original Chalker Slings and have used it for years. After receiving information that Jersey Tactical was now offering the sling I ordered 15 slings for our Tactical Team. When I received the slings I was happily surprised to find Jersey Tactical had not only supplied the original designed sling, but had upgraded many of the materials of construction.

     Our Tactical Team uses a wide array of weapons from MP-5’s, AR’s, M-14’s to shotguns. The Chalker Sling is excellent for quick change of weapons platform, provides even distribution of the weapon weight for more comfort on long deployments, and holds the weapon in a center natural position during rapid transition to a handgun."

Troy Black – Chief Deputy/Tactical Commander
Anderson County Sheriff’s Office
Palestine, Texas