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JTC - The Jersey Boot

Tired of carrying a 50lb breaching pack and 35 lb ram for hours on operations? The Jersey boot only weighs 26.5 pounds!
  • Inward Swinging Door - Use as a conventional ram / having a larger sweet spot enables operator to deliver more kinetic energy over a larger area without the risk of penetrating door.

  • Outward Swinging Door - Use as a pry bar to pry open virtually any door including Class 3 Steel door with steel jamb installed in block or concrete.

  • Break Rake - Safely and effectively break and rake windows, wall board or whatever you can think of. The extra weight eliminates the need for the operator to take a big swing. Great for confined area

  • Lock Busting– Can break through almost any padlock, including extra heavy duty hardened steel.

  • Sledge - Used to set another boot, break locks or whatever sledge operation is needed.

  • Door Chock-Seal off doors to prevent entry or exit.

  • Step-Need that extra boost, don't step on an operator, step on the boot. Great for porting windows.

  • Diversion-Don’t risk operators lives with breaking and raking, throw the boot through the window or door for diversion, to breach or to clear the path for a bang.

JTC has an exclusive deal with Point Blank Armor and Paraclete Armor to distribute this product. To find one of their local distributors click the the image below to be redirected to their Where to Buy page:

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Jersey Boot Video:
Click Image Above to see the Jersey Boot in Action


With Proper Training and Instruction:
even a novice is capable of completing a successful breach with the Jersey Boot!

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